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Moving the Blog

You can now find my updates on Blogger.



LiveJournal is a graveyard lately

Thinking about Leaving LiveJournal. No one reads anything anymore over here, and it's a ghost land. I'll be moving my journal, but in the mean time will still be here for a while.


Okay, HELP! Linking to Facebook?

Hey, I had this set up in the past, and now somehow it's not set up.
I can't seem to find out how to link my LJ to my Facebook. Help! Please use dummy-type explanations, like "you click ___ and then click___," because being the visual learner I am, I have a tough time with computer directions.


lovin' my truck

lovin' my truck
Originally uploaded by alchemyjen
This is true love.

39: hearts

39: hearts
Originally uploaded by alchemyjen
Happy Valentine's Day!


Originally uploaded by alchemyjen
WOO HOO! Spring-ness is starting to show up everywhere.
Lazy me has been taking pictures every day, but not uploading them. If you are actually following my progress, and you actually care about what pictures I take (so few people read my blog that I highly doubt it!), then you can go over to flickr to check more out.


My Piper is 14

I have been an official mom for 14 years, really 15 if you count the long pregnancy. Piper stayed in as long as she could before the doctors threatened to kick her out. She came out screaming and took one look at me and smiled. I swear she did. I have photographic evidence. She was so fucking relived after the scalp probes for blood oxygen levels and forceps delivery and interventions. She stayed in 10 days extra to get good and ready to breathe air and eat food through her mouth. She was perfect and delighted us with her cries, her smiles, her tiny fingers and her perfect lips. I've never been more stunned by love in my life. Of course, that is, until Liam came along. I heard once that when you have second or multiple child your heart just grows. Amazingly, it does.

I'm so in love with my children. Piper started the whole thing, and she has bravely been the most amazing teacher. I can't imagine what kind of a person I'd be without having been a mother. I was 25 when Piper was born, barely done growing up myself. I have grown up as I watched her grow up.

So, this moment is dedicated to all the mothers and firstborns out there. Happy Birthday.

Weird, but okay, right

I just had an interesting artist experience. You know, the one where someone wants to make things using a technique you use, that isn't your proprietary technique, but still few people in your art realm or geographical area do. I am not that weirded out by it, but the other artist is and was flustered about it which flustered me.

She was working in the store where I buy my glass supplies, and since my friend Jamie works at the store, Jamie called me to answer questions about the technique question the other artist had. The other artist made comments like "I waited a year after I knew you'd left Market before I called Market to see if you were still doing it," and since this is a person I'd been friendly with at Market it felt really odd. I am totally cool with her soldering necklace charms and selling them, because it's not my copyrighted process. However, why didn't she just call ME if she was concerned about stepping on my toes.

Communication, such a complicated thing.

I think I just had to write this down. I am fine with it. I DIDN'T join Market last year, but that doesn't mean I'm not going back. And also, I knew that if I stayed gone over a year people would start making soldered necklace charms. I'm not the owner of it! My customers will still be my customers, and they'll spread their dollar to my artist acquaintance, too.

If you've experienced something like this and have come out on top, please share. In the past I was burned bad by someone copying my Pocket Shrines and publishing them in BUST magazine, so I'm cautious.

I'm in a cheeky mood


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